Sunday, June 27, 2010

On Walking Into The Light...

Every day we are called upon to renew our commitment to Life.

As we put on our shoes, smile, and head out to greet the world, we affirm our belief in caring for community, replenishing resources, and playing our unique individual roles in creating a better world.

A world which recognizes equality, generosity and inter-connectedness as core principles. A world which provides opportunities, and occupations, and value for individual efforts: a chance to succeed.

In many respects, it’s been especially tough over the past few weeks to remain positive and committed to the ideals and visions of a better Life. Many of us have lost loved ones – or know those who’ve lost loved ones. Lives and livelihoods have been torn apart by tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and economic recession. The war in Afghanistan continues raging toward unknown conclusions, and our precious Gulf of Mexico is filling with suffocating oil. The ocean is in peril and short-sighted interests compete for the rights to plow our mountains into the Earth.

Strange as it may seem, though, the challenges we face also represent great opportunities to employ bold new ideas and work together in even greater harmony. Viable solutions to the conflicts in Afghanistan and Pakistan will establish avenues for peace in the entire Middle East. A united workforce assembled in reaction to the Gulf Coast spill opens the door to a wholly new spirit of cooperation.

Our responsibilities now call upon us to assemble in great numbers – whether in spirit or in person – and pledge our hands in a healing reunion. Whether you’re a cobbler, a blogger, a journalist, politician, merchant, or soldier; a teacher or a student: no job is too small or insignificant to be overlooked. Some will feel fit to decrease their harmful impact, while others may find themselves positioned to increase their positive impact. Whatever path you choose, know you are not walking it alone.

We are strong, capable, intelligent and sincere; and, We are all in this together!

Affirm your commitment to the better Life as you walk through each day. Be on the lookout for bright ideas, and be good to each other!

Much love, and more info coming soon…

David DavidsonDavid Davidson

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