Thursday, September 30, 2010

As The World Turns...

Can you feel the dynamics of the New World Order coming to light? The past few weeks have brought more change to our planet than any sequence of days in recent memory. "How?" you ask. Read on, Dear Reader, read on...

Several stories have emerged over the past couple weeks which have truly captured my imagination. Contrary to the insipid trolling employed by the US mainstream media, the real story at the heart of the future of the world is not in the antics of the American Tea Party, or the confused desperation of Democrats struggling to understand their role in spreading malaise and discontent. Indeed, the true story of Life makes our petty domestic politics seem pedestrian by comparison.

The Law Of The Land is changing, and changing quickly, with significant ramifications to be played out over the coming century. Your life is now shifting, and you need to understand how...

Efforts to resolve disputes on Arctic waterways are being pushed forward as sea ice retreats. Coinciding with the recent UN Mid-East Peace Talks in New York, Russia held an International Arctic Forum designed to establish claims, resolve differences, and ostensibly move the process of resolving Arctic disputes in a productive direction.

As Guardian News reports, "Russia's prime minister, Vladimir Putin, has dismissed claims that the Arctic is a new strategic battleground and called on the world's five Arctic powers (US, Canada, Norway, Russia and Denmark/Greenland) to resolve their rival territorial claims according to international law.(1)"

Nonetheless, Russia is preparing floating nuclear power plants capable of sustaining up to 200,000 people(2) in drilling platforms, ice breakers, research missions, and security operations, etc. in pursuit of dominance of the region as well as its claim to the Arctic's disputed undersea Lomonosov Ridge. "Russia, Canada and Denmark all plan to file separate claims to the UN to show that the underwater mountain range – and its vast oil and mineral deposits – are an extension of their sovereign territory,(1) " details Guardian News.

Additionally, Guardian News informs a deal was sealed between Norway and Russia under which "both sides agreed to demarcate their sea borders in the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean.(1)" The deal ended a 40-year dispute and, perhaps, further clears the path for Russia to dominate the region. At the very least, Russia's posture displays the inevitability of Arctic development as the planned ecological trajectory for the next century.

The retreating ice of the Arctic Circle is enormously significant in the human time-line. Previously un-navigable Northern passages linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans have recently opened in summer months: promising to forever alter the future of aquatic life, int'l shipping routes, commercial exchange, availability of extraction resources, and the balance of maritime power. The Arctic will inexorably impact every significant decision made in the foreseeable future.

This unparalleled resource represents the last great power source - and potential power struggle - for countless eons of human civilization, the grand culmination of a species' work. The Five Arctic Powers' claims aside, the emerging Arctic drama is a milestone of immeasurable importance (and a story we'll continue to follow at One World In Concert).

China is buying Pakistan. Here's a story that simply hits you in the side of the head... one you might never have seen coming. Could it be that China will almost effortlessly claim the prized Himalayan territory so violently contested by Pakistan and India? As reported in a recent essay on Project Syndicate, China has been investing billions in infrastructure in the Kashmir region with the hopes of at long last expanding its reach directly to the Arabian Sea - thereby allowing for even greater influence over international trade and power in the next century(3).

Seething all-consuming war is brewing in the Middle East and Africa - making the calls for Israeli/Palestinian peace ever more urgent(4). Fueled by a wide array of tensions, not least among them religious antagonism and desperate resource deprivation, extremist groups in nations such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia and many others have become wildly destructive improvised explosive devices impatiently awaiting detonation upon the slightest provocation.

Moderate nations in the immediate vicinity - as well as domineering super-powers seeking resources and security - stand trapped in the middle. Out-gunned, out-numbered, and peering almost helplessly over the brink of near-total destruction.

Troubling as these problems may seem, there is tremendous cause for hope, optimism and renewed vigor. Perhaps, our path to the future may not strike across the land in a bold swath of destruction as has historically been the case. Rather, we may flow into the future like water through the walls of a canyon that the very same water had taken centuries to form: following the path of least resistance, steered by the purposeful avoidance of known dead ends and untenable consequences.

The world is a complex living tapestry composed of trillions of sophisticated parts operating on advanced fractal algorithms. Significant shocks of the system trigger ripple effects of seemingly infinite resonance. Economies falter, development slumps, and ecosystems ail as the world holds its breath; struck dumb by the awe-inspiring perplexity of current events and pending tribulations. Nevertheless, the world is re-aligning itself in preparation for yet another New World Order of unprecedented growth and prosperity.

Nations seeking Peace and Security are forming new strategic allegiances, the likes and global proportions of which we've never seen. America has recently strengthened its ties to India and Saudi Arabia through energy and arms deals. Prominent Arab nations including U.A.E., Jordan, Morocco and others are seeking new roads to peace, passionately encouraging the resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian dilemma, and drafting a vision of the world in which the three Abrahamic religions peacefully and harmoniously co-exist.

Moderate nations are circling their wagons to ensure stability, security, modernization, prosperity and growth - and marginalize threats - in the midst of massive crises owing to lack of water, deluge, religious and political tensions, economic disaster and much more.

The time is now to passionately resist the deafening and nearly relentless calls to Dumb Down. Enlighten Up, instead; hitch your wagon to the success of terrestrial species and sustainable ecologies. Act now to help shape the vision of a peaceful, prosperous and secure planet - free to roam the galaxy with happy, healthy and loving human passengers well into the distant future.

David DavidsonDavid Davidson

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

On Fires, Temples, and the Fallen...

Restore The Temple
The Holy of Holies - A Resplendent Glory Born of Fire, Mystery, and Religion
Source: Flybrite

On this auspicious holyday and solemn day of remembrance, let us reflect on life's passages... "Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un;" and, let us salute one another in celebration of Life… “L’Chaim!”

Now, let us pause to consider several of the pressing issues of our day…

Regarding Terry Jones and his ongoing threats to organize an international Quran burning, I will not speak ill of him. However, I will lay the truth of his ways before you… Any fool can pick up the horn and blow, yet few can actually play the sacred songs. Allow the charlatans to pose as people of God, and their ignorance will be yours, too. Allow the likes of Terry Jones to lead you, and his every missed step will be yours as well.

Those who seek to find war will find war in loads too heavy to carry; Armed regiments and a breathtaking menagerie of implements dressed for no purposes other than death, cruelty, rape and destruction. Trust Terry Jones to lead you into burning books and Holy Crusades, and you trust him to lead you and your descendants into endless and untenable battle, to shield you from a trillion falling swords, and to lead you in Judgement of Eternal Damnation before your Creator. Play with fire if you wish: you will not be stopped – but you will be burned.

Zion is a lion and a lamb at One. Zion is in the fish and the daily bread; In the intimate knowledge of God. Zion is peace, justice, equality, and abundance for all.

To the desperate and hopeful, then, I beg you to take heed: Paradise will not be found toiling in the futility of war and division. You can pound blood and sand into rock – and those rocks into mountains – but you’ll never see the gates of Heaven open to cruel deeds.

Regarding Feisal Rauf and his plans to build Cordoba House at Park51, “an Islamic community center, two blocks (600 feet or 180 meters) away from Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan…” I will speak no ill of him either.

It is right and appropriate that there be a place of honor and remembrance for the Muslim faith at the foot of the fallen Twin Towers. Much as there should similarly be sanctuary for Jews, Americans, Africans, Asians, and all those touched by this cruel and viral game of conflict, reprisal and holocaust.

Muslims have sacrificed dearly for – and invested deeply in – the construction of our world, our country, and our culture. The Middle East has brought us oil, palms, fruits, nuts and other essential commodities along with immeasurable contributions to mathematics, science, poetry and mystery. Muslims have helped build the world’s great universities and churches, along with media and business empires, from which many have benefited. They have paid with millions of innocent lives for the terrorist acts of a few.

Muslims represent the fastest growing and second largest group among humanity – closing in quickly on the ranks of Christianity. Play the peace hand first. Leverage reconciliation and redress of wrongdoing with candor, equality and trust. Raise the sword only as a matter of last and desperate resort: for in raising the sword, you will surely taste its blade, too.

So… Feisal Rauf may or may not be the right man to build an Islamic community center in lower Manhattan. However, it is right that one be built. It is right by the standards of Freedom and it is right by the cause of Peace. Don’t let the strong-arms, hate-baiters, obstructors, and eschatologists carry us into their delusional visions of Paradise won through war. Zion graciously entertains their offers, and respectfully declines.

Re-build the Towers, and restore the Temples. Let the destruction of the World Trade Center be symbolic of the day in which humanity began the profound intellectual leap beyond misguided extremism and violence. Let the empty cavity of Ground Zero serve as a warning to all those who'd use cruelty to achieve their ends: you will not do so in God's name and deceive good souls any longer. God is the tip of your spears, the food in your belly, and the road upon which you travel - but the rewards you seek can only be found in peaceful communities of Earth.

The root of the Abrahamic tradition teaches that through Redemption: evil and tyranny will not stand; knowledge of God will fill the world; nations will recognize the wrongs they have done; and, Israelites will be returned to their homeland, yet people from all cultures and nations will be included, too. In joy and guidance, then, seek forth to build that world of peace, justice, equality, and abundance for all. Selah.

David DavidsonDavid Davidson

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Variety of Fools

(l)Terry Jones - (r)Feisal Abdul Rauf

All in the name of God, Good and Righteousness we see a variety of misguided wolves devouring great opportunities to exemplify the spirit of peace, justice and compassion.

We have Terry Jones of “Dove” Outreach who is broadcasting on-again-off-again threats to burn the Holy Quran. What principles and visions of a spiritual experience do these acts of irreverence invite? Ironically Mr. Jones’ expression of self-love-self-loathing mirrors the same discrimination exhibited by the Islamic jihadists. What may very well happen because of his egomaniacal outreach is that his own church will be burned to the ground and he with it.

We also have Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf whose stubborn insistence, building a mosque at Ground Zero, remains unchanged despite the excitement expressed by many different groups. Imam Rauf is a Sufi who had undertaken a mission contrary to true Sufi obligations. As a Sufi, which he claims to be, he is obliged to assuage ill feelings in any way possible in order to encourage the brotherhood and compassion by which Sufis live and breathe.

I support the building of the mosque, as I wholeheartedly encourage a deeper understanding of Islam, which will lead to its well-deserved respect. 
Yes, neighbors should welcome a mosque, as they should any place of peace and worship. But, when the appetite for it suggests negative unwillingness then alternatives must be found to bring the neighbors together, not set them against one another. 
Yes, we need to move all our hearts past the 9/11 event, remember, honor and bless those who died with our hearts and souls, we should celebrate their lives, but we must also resume living life without fear and hate. We must dissolve the pain and anger with our love and respect for the precious moments of the highest possible levels of here and now.

It is difficult to understand or respect Terry Jones and Imam Rauf’s predispositions. 
It is unfortunate that at a time when there is so much confusion and despair worldwide, these two men who are privileged to live free and safe, with the necessities for creative existences, would choose self-interested, ungodly identifications. 
I simply pray that they come to their senses and that the intelligence of their hearts speaks to them louder than their egos.

May we all become the power to heal.

OWIC Founder, Ora Abel-RussellOra Abel-Russell

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dove Outreach?

*Note From The Editor: What follows below is an open letter from One World In Concert addressed to the head of Dove Outreach Church in Florida, Terry Jones. As many of our readers may be aware, Mr. Jones has organized an "International Burn the Quran Day," scheduled for September 11th of this year. This deeply offensive event, which Jones claims is retribution against Muslims for 9/11, has been condemned internationally by a wide range of leaders, including US Army General, David Petraeus. Please join One World In Concert by calling for the cancellation of this event, and speaking out in your community against such brazen acts of hatred and provocation.

Mr. Jones:

Like Jim Jones you are inviting your congregation to drink the sweet poisoned Kool-Aid… you will drown them in misguided bitterness and fear and dreadful repercussions from fools such as yourself! Your ignorance is apparent, you’ve obviously never read the Quran,

1-It pronounces God’s Name, the Merciful. There is only One God! You will be burning His Name. May He have Mercy on your silly soul.

2-It honors Christ Jesus as an Apostle of God. You will be burning Jesus’ name.

3- the Quran mentions Mary, mother of Jesus more times than in the New Testament and honors her that many times more. You will be burning Mary’s name.

4- The Old and New Scriptures have rubbish in them as well. Among many problems, the New Testament excludes the Jews and Moslems, while the Old Testament contains a number of striking inconsistencies.

The Quran calls all Unbelievers to return to God…to that Quality of Goodness that enables our seeing the light of LOVE which is God. It’s all around us, in every Gift that’s been given to us.

The problem with people like you, Mr. Jones, is that God is not in YOUR HEART! Burning the Book proves that you not only have no love in your heart, you are TOO STUPID TO KNOW YOU'RE STUPID.

Call off this insane gesture, show that you are indeed a man with God-given consciousness.

One World In Concert