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OWIC Founder, Ora Abel-RussellOra Abel-Russell

Ora Abel-Russell is a creative director and producer living in New York City, and the founder of One World In Concert. Her professional accomplishments include having created many successful national advertising campaigns as well as having produced and directed the groundbreaking film, Wisdom Keepers (now available to be viewed freely in its entirety at YouTube.) Remarkably, however, a successful career in media is far from the end of Ora's story...

A serious and life-altering injury suffered over twenty years ago sparked a passionate interest in traditional healing methods. In the quest to better understand her physical limitations and silence her pain, Ora has studied with numerous phenomenal healers such as Sufi clerics, Native American elders, John of God, Ohashi, Krishna Madappa and more.

Ora's studies have since blossomed into a respected career helping others. Her chosen specialties now include a wide range of harmonic and vibrational therapies. As founder of One World In Concert, Ora strives to foster global community and share invaluable ancient wisdom and traditional therapies with the modern world.

Wicahpi Wanjila- Leroy C. CurleyWicahpi Wanjila - Leroy C. Curley

Leroy C. Curley is a respected elder of the Titunwun Lakota Nation residing in South Dakota. Among the many experiences underlying his spiritual and historical authority are a brief foray into higher education, Honorable service in the U.S. military and, importantly, a generations' old Lakota tribal legacy dating back to (and well beyond) the 1868 Treaty between the Lakota Nation and the United States.

Leroy's bilingual Lakota/English fluency made him an invaluable asset as a Treaty Council member among the Lakota Akicita in support of the action at Wounded Knee against the disputed tactics of U.S. Federal Marshalls. Leroy is also credited with having created the scientific 41-letter alphabet for Lakota language as well as 10 symbols for the Lakota base-ten number system.

Lakota integrity, history, spirituality, philosophy and the well-being of future Lakota generations are among the foremost of Leroy Curley's concerns. His writings, published exclusively by One World In Concert, represent an important and inspiring step forward in Native American relations with the broader world.

David DavidsonDavid Davidson

David Davidson is a student, sage and visionary living in Vermont. With a kind heart, a style that is hard to pin down, and a devious sense of humor, David is at once edgy yet totally sincere. His contributions to One World In Concert represent the musings of the last generation to have truly come of age in the 20th century.